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    Past SUNY Plattsburgh Distinguished Visiting Alumni Speakers

    Alphabetical by Area of Expertise/Major


    Expertise/Major Name and Class
    Accounting Joseph Peterson '87
    Adolescence Education (Chemistry) Dr. Emily Jones '69
    Adolescence Education (English) Eric Gibson '93
    Adolescence Education (History) Dr. Joseph Tolliver '72
    Anthropology Roy Scheller '76


    Expertise/Major Name and Class
    Biology Dr. James Bonner '76
    Dr. Robert Casero '75
    Dr. Thomas Chen '70
    Dr. Koon Yan "Chris" Pak '74
    Dr. Marguerite Madden '79
    Business Dr. Roger Bruszewski '74


    Expertise/Major Name and Class
    Chemistry Dr. Jayne Rivas '69
    Childhood Education Robert Smallacombe '60
    Marshall Edmonds '82
    Communication Anita Larsen '82
    Leonard Weinman '82
    Patty Wooton '78
    Counselor Education Dr. Robert Maher '76


    Expertise/Major Name and Class
    Economics Dr. Peter Morici '70
    Anthony Morina '73
    Education Richard Gervais '72
    English Diane Austin '73
    Leigh Gibson '94
    Toni Anne Nichels '88
    Jeffrey Selchick '72
    Environmental Science Leigh Gibson '94
    Daniel Fitts '76
    Jeffrey Lape '76


    Expertise/Major Name and Class
    Geography David Murphy '75
    Frank Winters '87
    Geology Dr. John Grant '82


    Expertise/Major Name
    History Kevin Michael Days '89
    Dr. Jonathan Doh '83
    Dr. Richard Major '77
    Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management Joseph Haughney '90

    Human Development and Family Relations

    Elizabeth "Kim" Carr Hathaway '75
    Rose Pandozy '70
    Rolando Thorne '72


    Expertise/Major Name
    Individualized Studies Gregory Riley '77


    Expertise/Major Name
    Journalism Kerry Diamond '91


    Expertise/Major Name
    Nursing Alice Gagnaire '73
    Nutrition Donna Porter '71


    Expertise/Major Name
    Political Science Mark Barie '75
    Kathy Hopkins MaGaw '72
    Bruce Mante '79
    Anthony Weiner '85
    Psychology Keith Biumi '89
    Dr. Patricia Devine '81
    Dr. William Garrison '72

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